Cybersec Projects

I specialize in leadership and successful implementation of Incident Response, Vulnerability Analysis, DevSecOps, and Security Program Management.


Project Management

Vulnerability Analysis

Analyze Device Vulnerabilities and Remediation

Incident Response

ready to integrate with your team no matter what stage of the cycle you find yourself needing leadership and planning.


Leading efforts and tracking CI/CD Pipeline redesign, automation, Containerization, Kubernetes, Vault, and more…

Endpoint Security

Proficient in Sentinel One, Crowdstrike Falcon, Carbon Black and more…

Penetration Testing

Manage Penetration Testing, Red Teaming and Risk assessments based on real tests and demonstrable Command and Control, Escalation of Privlidges and Exfiltration of Data.


Manage Digital Risk

Are you managing your digital risk? This is a series of videos centered around Penetration Testing demonstrating the steps to compromise vulnerabilities.

YouTube Channel

This channel explores risk and cybersecurity in today’s age of breaches, break-ins and compromises.


Tried and True Processes

Define Goal

Clear Goals, Constraints and Requirements up front ensure successful engagements. Goals should measurable and key success metrics are identified up front.

Plan SOlution

“Defining the activities, responsible parties, availability and durations lead to predictable results.
“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

Execute & Monitor

Execute the solution and feed metrics during monitoring, adjust, measure and re-execute.